Similar to my feelings about lemons, I have an appreciation for cucumbers as well. I find that many people don’t even realize that the benefits of cucumbers extend much further than simply flavoring water or being another topping on a salad.

But what is it in cucumbers that makes them so healthy? After all, aren’t they made mostly of water?

Yes, it’s true, cucumbers are in fact about 95% water, but the other 5% is rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Now you’re probably thinking that both watermelon and cucumber have the same health benefits to them. Well, that’s partially true; while some benefits overlap, others are unique to the cucumber alone.

Everyday Uses of Cucumber

1. Avoid Bad Breath

girl mirror mouth open

Having bad breath is the worst. It can kill your confidence, destroy friendships, and ruin your reputation.

Of course, I’m going a bit extreme here, but we’ve all felt self-conscious about our breath at one time or another. The fact of the matter is, having bad breath is an embarrassing situation for you and whoever is unfortunate enough to be talking to you.

Cucumber has a very subtle natural, appealing smell that doesn’t linger in your mouth. It also helps mask other odors like garlic or onion.

2. Fights Off Sugar Cravings

lollies suagr

Speaking of afternoons, do you ever get those late afternoon cravings just before you’re about to leave work?

I know I do.

Even though I want to maintain a healthy diet, there are so many outside factors that determine whether my snack falls in line with my healthy eating or tempts me to the dark side.

One thing is always certain: if I have cucumbers around, the bad snacks, especially the sweet ones, don’t stand a chance.

The water and nutrient content of cucumbers allows me to feel satisfied so I’m not tempted to seek out sugary foods with empty calories.

3. Fight Constipation

cucumber flaxseed salad

Now that my diet has improved for the better, I rarely have to deal with constipation.

But my diet isn’t perfect 100% of the time. I’d say it’s balanced, but not perfect.

Instead of reaching for some chalk-tasting relief, I prefer to use cucumbers.

Cucumber’s high fiber content, loads of nutrients, and water help to keep things moving through the body.

What’s your take on the benefits of cucumber? Have anything else you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below!