Adam from Mind Pump shares key insights learned while building several 6- and 7-figure businesses, losing and gaining friendships, and growing as an individual.

In this episode, I interview my buddy Adam from the Mind Pump team to talk about, well, things. Life things. Business things. Personal things. All kinds of things that I hope you, dear listener, find interesting.

This interview is a departure from my normal routine of drilling deep down into one topic, because Adam and I go all over the place and share some of the hard lessons we’ve learned growing both as individuals and businesspeople.

For example, we discuss the difficulties we’ve had managing people in our businesses (and Adam shares a couple great tips that helped him improve), how to spot and eliminate “toxic” people from your life, how to have the “hard” conversations necessary for moving your life and relationships ahead, and more.


5:01 – How long did it take for you to build your team?

12:58 – When did you realize you didn’t like managing people in a business?

21:55 – How do you make your podcast stand out in the health and fitness field?

52:20 – What were the childhood traumas you had to overcome?

1:11:11 – How do you end poisonous friendships?

1:27:23 – What are MindPump’s ambitions?

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