If you’re like most of us, you let your sex life slip to the wayside more often than you’d like. Your insane schedule is packed with things to do, you have to cram workouts in where you can, and sometimes all that stress can make you want to go straight to sleep after hopping into bed.

But instead of blaming your busy schedule, maybe you should take a look at your diet. Did you know that a poor diet filled with processed foods and low in nutrients can sabotage your sex life?

Sex should not be ignored, especially if you’re trying to live a healthier life (or keep your partner happy).

If you find yourself not feeling up to it lately, you may want to turn to your diet for help.

By adding the following foods to your weekly meal planning, you’ll get back in the mood and start squeezing in romp sessions whenever you can.

Healthy Foods for a Healthy Sexual Appetite

sexy women eating watermelon

I love watermelon; they’re juicy, flavorful, and always cool me down during hot summer days. But it turns out they can do much more than cooling you off.

They may actually heat things up.

It’s pretty obvious that watermelons are chock full of water – we don’t need Bill Nye the Science Guy to confirm this hunch.

Watermelon is 92% water and 8% phytonutrients, or compounds that react with the human body to trigger healthy reactions, according to Science Daily.

One of these healthy reactions is actually similar to the effects of Viagra.

Do I have your attention now?

The main phytonutrient in this refreshing red fruit is Citrulline, which is eventually converted to arginine, an amino acid studied for its effects on improving circulation and immunity in our bodies. But this improved circulation doesn’t stop at the heart.

Dr. Bhumy Patil, director of Texas A&M’s Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center explains, “Arginine boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it.”

Patil continued on to say, “Watermelon may not be as organ specific as Viagra, but it’s a great way to relax blood vessels without any drug side effects.”

Who knew that you could swap a bright red fruit for a little blue pill

2. Figs

figs bowlThe fig is another delicious fruit that’s actually very underrated. It’s not as popular as watermelon, but their sexual benefits are just as powerful.

During ancient Greek times, it was commonly believed that figs were one of the most sensual fruits around. Stories have even mentioned that figs resemble “an intimate oral act between a man and a woman,” while other folklore describes the fruit as resembling the anatomy of a woman.

I personally don’t see either in figs, but I do see their nutritional benefits.

It’s not just the appearance of figs that increases libidos, it’s actually its genetic makeup.

Figs are filled with “an unusually high concentration of flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants which can help strengthen and prolong sexual desires,” according to the Aphrodisiac Encyclopedia.

Try making a watermelon and fig salad before hitting the sheets.

3. Avocado

avocado openThe wise old Aztecs believed that avocados possessed a libido improving superpower.

According to the Independent, avocado translates to “ahuacatl” in Aztec, which actually means “testicle.” The article continues to say that avocados were “so named because the ancient Mexican peoples believed in the fruit’s sexual powers, thinking it able to induce erotic prowess and enhance fertility to the point that virgins were kept indoors during harvest.”

That’s one powerful fruit.

Due to its rich vitamin C and potassium content, the fruit is still regarded today as a great way to get a natural sexual boost.

I like to sneak in a half an avocado to my protein smoothies since you can’t even tell it’s in there.

4. Ginger

ginger teaNow that we’ve touched on some of the ancient aphrodisiacs of Greece and Mexico, I thought it was only right to include what the Chinese believed to be a powerful food: ginger.

Predominantly found in teas or eaten as is, ginger has long been used by ancient Chinese societies as a way to increase fertility and reduce erectile dysfunction in men.

The combination of magnesium, vitamin B6, potassium, and manganese is what gives ginger its ability to improve sex drives, plus, it can also increase sperm production.

If you’re feeling daring one night, you may want to cook ginger with our next libido improving food: broccoli

5. Broccoli

broccoliBroccoli is one of those veggies that is just good for you all around. I eat broccoli several times a week.

This cruciferous, tree-like veggie contains a little bit of protein, antioxidants, minerals, and fiber, just to name a few awesome attributes. But one of the more relevant things that broccoli’s really good at is balancing out estrogen levels.

According to LiveStrong, broccoli can help the female reproductive organs develop properly and continues to support a healthy reproductive system afterwards.

When combined with ginger, you’ll have the benefits of an improved sex drive and a healthy reproductive system all from one meal.

6. Ginseng

ginseng root candle flowerWhen I think of Ginseng, I imagine a warm cup of tea brewing on a cold winter day. I’ve always known that ginseng is a natural remedy for nausea, but I had no idea that it could also be used to help women increase their libidos.

That is, until I came across this study from the University of Hawaii.

During this experiment, women were given a ginseng supplement and were told to take it over a 4 week period. Researchers then asked the women to report how their sex lives were over the course of the trial period. 68% of the women reported feeling a significant improvement in their sex lives.

The basic science behind why ginseng works is due to the fact that ginseng improves circulation. When you improve circulation in your body, you can almost bet that your libido will soon follow the changes.

But getting in the mood is only half the battle. There are those times when getting in the mood is actually the easy part and keeping up becomes the challenge.

Don’t sweat it.

Lucky for you, there are also foods that can help you last longer.

That’s where eggs come in.

7. Eggs

couple eating eggs breakfastEggs are one of my favorite foods. I eat three eggs, and three egg whites, every morning, five days a week and love them.

The nutrients in eggs, particularly vitamins B6 and B5, combined with its high protein and low calorie content, gives you the strength to keep going.

Think of eggs as the proper fuel for a marathon session.

But lasting long isn’t the only benefit eggs serve up.

The hormone balancing and anti-stress benefits in eggs also allow you to keep your sex drive as healthy as possible. This means that you’ll actually be healthy enough to keep things going all night.

This next one on our list may seem like it’s way out in left field.

8. Pine nuts

pine nutsOriginally, pine nuts were used during Medieval Times as a way to get the libido going.

Now, thanks to their high zinc content, many guys suffering from erectile dysfunction also find great success when they eat pine nuts.

By including pine nuts in some of your meals, you’ll increase circulation to your nether regions and, hopefully, won’t have any other obstacles to slow you down.

Add some pine nuts to your salad at dinnertime or swap those beer nuts for pine nuts instead.

Omega-3s are Essential

When it comes to omega-3 fatty acids, getting enough in your diet is especially important for your heart and brain health, but did you know they can be just as critical to your sexual health?

According to Metro, “Omega-3 fatty acids also help with sexual response by helping to raise dopamine levels in the brain that trigger arousal.”

So you’re basically flooding your body with feel good hormones every time you consume something with healthy omega-3s.

When you feel good, you’re more likely to get in the mood.

Two of the best ways to get your omega-3s and feel good hormones is by eating almonds and salmon

9. Almonds

almonds milkFeel good hormones are just the tip of the mighty almond’s benefits.

Rich in magnesium, fiber, protein, and a healthy dose of fats and omega-3s, almonds have been studied for their weight loss and heart healthy cholesterol lowering benefits, but, they can also be good for your bedroom hormones.

For those dealing with low testosterone, almonds can help. Research has shown that “men who ate diets rich in monounsaturated fat—the kind found in almonds—had the highest testosterone levels.” Higher testosterone levels mean stronger sex drive.

As for women, you’ll like the weight loss aid that almonds provide, but you’ll also love that almonds are “regarded as the most nutrient-containing nut high in important reproductive system nutrients including zinc and L-arginine.”

So if you plan on having kids in the near future, start protecting your reproductive organs through the nutrients found in almonds.

It’s easy to sneak a few extra almonds into your diet; slivered ones can be added to oatmeal or yogurt in the morning and whole ones can be enjoyed during the day as a snack.

While almonds won’t help you get in the mood or improve how long you last, they can certainly keep your reproductive system healthy, just like salmon does.

10. Salmon

pretty women eating salmon sushiThis oily, omega-3 rich fish is known for protecting our joints, improving hair, skin and nails, and reducing the risks of heart disease, but many people don’t realize that salmon is a super mood booster.

By eating salmon, your body ends up releasing the feel good hormone dopamine so you’re able to forget how bad your day was and actually enjoy sex.

Plus, the high protein content found in salmon, similar to eggs, may help your sessions last longer, too.

So whether you’re looking to get in the mood more often, or you’d like to improve your chances of fertility, you really can’t go wrong when adding these ten foods to your weekly meal plans. Try combining a few of these foods on date night and see what happens.

Were you surprised to see that oysters didn’t make the list?