If you want to know what science has to say about how effective, necessary, and safe blood flow restriction (occlusion) training is, then you want to listen to this podcast.

When you’re lifting weights, you’d think that cutting off the blood flow to the muscles would be bad.

According to many, though, you’d be wrong.

Blood flow restriction training, which involves intentionally reducing blood flow to the arms and legs with a tourniquet, is becoming more and more popular for building muscle.

Does it work, though, and is it safe?

In this episode, Dr. Mike Zourdos breaks it all down. He explains what blood flow restriction training is, how it’s supposed to increase muscle growth, whether or not it’s effective, safe, or better than regular strength training, and how to do it properly if you want to give it a whirl.

Dr. Zourdos is an assistant professor of Exercise Science at Florida Atlantic University, published researcher, and competitive powerlifter, as well as the head Powerlifting coach at Florida State University.

Mike also produces a fantastic monthly research review along with Dr. Eric Helms and Greg Nuckols, called MASS (www.strongerbyscience.com/mass), and in this interview, Mike is going to break down one of the studies analyzed in their review.


9:20 – What is blood flow restriction training and how do you utilize it?

12:23 – Is blood flow restriction training safe?

10:43 – Does blood flow restriction training increase strength and hypertrophy?

13:34 – How much blood flow restriction is dangerous?

17:02 – When should we use blood flow restriction training?

17:55 – How does blood flow restriction work and what makes it legitimate?

20:08 – How can you use blood flow restriction after an injury?

28:39 – Is blood flow restriction a good stand alone training method?

30:32 – Which areas of the body should you apply blood flow restriction?

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