If you’re a skinny guy or gal struggling to gain weight…

Or a “fluffy” one struggling to “shift” fat…

Or somewhere in between…

This is going to be the most important fitness podcasts you listen to.


And I want to start it with some good news:

Your genetics can’t stop you from getting the body you really desire.

Yes, some people’s bodies respond better to training than others’, but I don’t care how much of a “hardgainer” you think you are or how “stubborn” your body fat seems to be…

  • You can build muscle.
  • You can lose fat.
  • And you can do it faster than you think.

Now, if you were to tell me your goal is to be an elite, competitive weightlifter or bodybuilder or physique competitor…that would be another story.

In those cases, genetics are hugely important.

Yes, steroids are involved and yes, training experience and methodologies matter…but the biggest and strongest guys and gals in the world were abnormally big and strong their entire lives.

My point is this: at the top, where everyone works smart and hard, genetics determine who’s truly great and who’s not.

That doesn’t mean that us mere mortals are screwed, though.

Your genetics will influence how quickly you can reach your goals but aren’t going to keep you small, weak, and fat.

And in this podcast, you’re going to learn the three major body types, how to determine which you (primarily) are, and how to approach dieting and training for maximal results.

Let’s get to it.


Time Stamps:

8:09 – How do I determine my body type? Which body type do I have?

14:14 – What is the best type of diet for ectomorphs?

35:35 – What are the best type of workouts for ectomorphs?

39:09 – How much cardio should ectomorphs do?

40:02 – What are the best supplements for ectomorphs?

42:23 – What is the mesomorph body type?

43:48 – What is the best diet for mesomorphs?

46:28 – What are the best type of workouts for mesomorphs?

48:40 – What is the endomorph body type?

49:59 – What is the best diet for endomorphs?

53:01 – What are the best type of workouts for endomorphs?

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