If you want to learn effective strategies for preventing binge eating (and what to do when you fall off the wagon, which is perfectly normal), you want to listen to this episode.

My years in the fitness racket have taught me many things about people, and one of them is that binge eating is far more common than I previously realized.

In many cases, it’s prompted by extreme forms calorie restriction like water fasting, detox diets, and the like, and in others, it’s the result of bad eating habits developed on the way to becoming overweight.

Binge eating isn’t just a problem for overweight people, though. There are many fit people out there, usually ones trying to maintain very low levels of body fat for one reason or another (social media, usually), who binge and purge rather regularly.

Regardless of how fit or fat someone is, however, bingeing is a problem, and even when it’s done more “strategically” by drastically undereating for a period before or after a binge to keep body fat levels generally in an acceptable range.

That approach can work for maintaining a nice looking body composition, of course, but it’s unsustainable and unhealthy, both physically and psychologically. It takes its toll, which often includes eating and body disorders.

That’s why I invited Carter Good to come on the show. Carter lost 140 pounds—partly with the help of my Bigger Leaner Stronger program—and now has a large following built mostly through sharing simple, effective, science-based weight loss strategies and runs a successful fat loss coaching service.

One of the biggest obstacles Carter ran into in his journey from 305 to 165 pounds was binge eating, and as you’d expect, many of his clients come to him struggling with it as well. In this interview, he’s going to share his most helpful observations, recommendations, and insights on how to beat binge eating once and for all.

In this episode, you’ll learn . . .

  • What binge eating actually is (how it differs from simply overeating)
  • How much binge eating actually slows fat loss
  • The most common factors that lead to binge eating
  • Effective mental strategies for preventing binge eating
  • What to do after a binge (because we all fall off the wagon now and then)
  • And more

Click the player below to listen:


8:07 – How do you define binge eating?

12:48 – What are common factors that cause binge eating?

14:07 – How do you help people work through binge eating?

26:45 – How do you prevent binge eating?

34:41 – How do you help people work through the guilt of binge eating?

39:26 – Are there any outlets to prevent emotional eating?

54:53 – Where can people find you and your work?

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