If you want to know how Cassandra lost 25 pounds and 6% body fat in just 90 days using my one-on-one coaching service, then you want to listen to this episode.

In this episode I interview Cassandra, who recently completed my 90 day coaching service. As you will hear, she had some pretty outstanding results. She lost about 25 pounds and 6% body fat while gaining strength on her key lifts in just 90 days.

In this interview, she is going to share a bit of her back story. She is going to share with us what she had done previously and where it got her, what worked, what didn’t work, and how she found her way to me, my work, and my coaching service.

She is also going to share some of the things she learned along the way.

As with anything, you go in with a plan, but then you have to adjust. You have to adapt to what actually happens and what actually works and what doesn’t.

In her case, she was running into a lot of morning hunger, so she talked with her coach to find the optimal meal timing, meal sizing, and meal composition. Specifically, she talks about how she ate her carbs throughout the day to stave off the hunger and ultimately stick to the plan and get the results she wanted.


4:48 – What were your results after our coaching program?

8:21 – How much weight did you lose?

9:17 – What led to your weight gain and how did you begin your fitness journey?

15:53 – How did you overcome your embarrassment of going to the gym?

25:34 – What were some of the obstacles you had during our coaching program?

26:03 – What was your meal plan?

40:12 – What are your goals after our coaching program?

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