I don’t know about you, but I believe the world can never have enough heroes.

These are the people who give us everything that’s beautiful, good, and real.

I also believe that every one of us can be a hero, and that it’s far easier than many people believe.


Well, how do heroes behave?

At bottom, heroes don’t gripe about things that should change or simply “feel bad” for people need who need help.

They do something about it.

While I don’t consider myself a hero per se, that’s why I started this company–to create the change I wanted to see in the sports supplements industry–and that’s why I have a “Charity Week.”

The idea here is very simple:

Every quarter, I donate a portion of a week’s worth of profits to a top-ranked charity (per Charity Navigator) that resonates with me and my team.

There’s no cap on the donations either, so the more we sell, the more we give.

I particularly like children’s charities because, well, as a father of two, I have a huge soft spot for kiddos and like to see them do well, but we also believe strongly in other causes, including veterans welfare, emergency response, and nature conservation.

So, if you feel like doing something a little heroic today, please support us in our mission to not only help reform the sports supplements industry, but also to give others the type of help that we would wish for if we were in their shoes.

This quarter’s charity is Unbound, which is an international nonprofit organization that offers sponsorship opportunities for more than 300,000 children, elders and their families in 18 countries across Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Specifically, they help people in five ways:

1. Education

Unbound provides scholarships for children living in poverty so they can afford the tuition, transportation, and supplies needed to attend secondary school, vocational training, and university.

2. Health

Many people living in poverty have limited or no access to clean water, doctors, or medication.

Unbound works with these communities to provide wells and filtration systems, sanitary toilets, hygiene education, equipment and services for people with disabilities, and supplements and vitamins for people with HIV/AIDS.

3. Housing

Unbound helps repair homes damaged by natural disasters, provides funding so families can move away from areas that are at risk for flooding or mudslides, upgrades homes with electricity, cement floors, and running water and plumbing, and builds new homes for families who need shelter most.

4. Microfunding

Unbound helps small groups of parents develop ways to generate sustainable incomes so they can support their families.

Some examples of this include providing seed capital to expand or start small businesses, and microloans to buy livestock, seedlings, tools, sewing machines, farm equipment, and other supplies, or learn skills like sewing, tailoring, or baking.

5. Disaster response

Natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, mudslides, hurricanes, and forest fires are always, well, disasters. But they’re far worse in developing countries that don’t have the resources or infrastructure to respond quickly or effectively.

Unbound provides disaster relief services like food, water, temporary housing, emergency medical care, surgeries, funerals, home repair, as well as repair tools and crops to help communities get back on their feet.

We chose Unbound because we love what they’re doing, they’re small and truly appreciate the help, and they have an outstanding ranking on Charity Navigator (92.51%).

So, if you like what we’re doing here at Legion Athletics and want to help underprivileged children, elders, and their families as well, then head over to our store now and stock up on all your favorite goodies!

Please join us today!

P.S. If you don’t need any supplements at the moment, you can still help by sharing this with friends and family! We’d really appreciate it!

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