For better and worse, online fitness coaching has exploded over the past decade or so.

I say that because on the one hand, this has enabled many people to affordably connect up with legitimate experts and get into great shape, and on the other hand, it has also led many others into the gaping jaws of the legions of charlatans, shysters, and phonies who have swarmed the online coaching space.

And unfortunately, the coaches who get the most eyeballs and buzz often aren’t the ones who offer the best services, and many superior coaches are struggling to gain any traction whatsoever let alone become a screaming success.

I have quite a few of the latter folk in my orbit and so I thought a long-form discussion on how to become a successful fitness coach would be worthwhile.

I’ve spoken about this before as I have a coaching service that will do just over seven figures in revenue this year, but I felt like I couldn’t fully do the topic justice as I was able to “shortcut” the process by first achieving notable success as an author, podcaster, blogger, and entrepreneur.

By the time I launched my coaching service, I already had a large and loyal following, and it’s not exactly helpful for me to tell aspiring coaches to just do what I do—to first write a few bestselling books, then create a top-100 health podcast, then create an 8-figure supplement business and a couple blogs that get a couple million visits per month, and then voila, your coaching business will soar.

That’s why I wanted to get somebody who a) has a bigger coaching business than me and b) has built it more traditionally to come on the show and share their insights about how to go from nothing to something in the online coaching game.

There are probably quite a few of those somebodies out there, but I particularly liked what Cody McBroom is doing and so chose him for the interview. As you’ll learn, Cody has done very well for himself, his business, and his clients, and in this episode, he shares a very down-to-earth, practical roadmap for following in his footsteps.

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9:02 – What is your advice to people who want to become a personal trainer and have their own business?

27:42 – How do you become a better coach?

32:12 – Are there certain personality types that wouldn’t work well as a coach?

1:16:30 – What are your thoughts on how to find passion?

1:26:18 – Where can people find you and your work?

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