I’m going to make a couple assumptions as to why you’re here.

Sure, I know you want to learn about meal planning, but I’d wager a cheat meal that you’re looking to achieve something very specific.

Namely, weight loss or muscle growth or, God willing, a little bit of both

If I’m right, this might be the most important meal planning piece you ever hear.

I know I know…but seriously. That’s not hyperbole.

By the end of this podcast, you’ll know a lot more than “how to make a meal plan.”

You’ll know how to have the body want eating the foods you love…for the rest of your life.


  • No more fad diets.
  • No more forcing down joyless, tasteless meals.
  • No more battling hunger and cravings.
  • No more struggling to lose or gain weight.

What if you could confidently soar above all of the mainstream diet hysteria and gimmicks?

What if you could use your diet to feel completely in control of your body composition and health?

And what if you could do it without having to follow a bunch of restrictive rules or give up everything you actually like to eat?

Well, all those things are possible. Easy, even, when you know what you’re doing.

So have I got your attention?

Good. Let’s get to work.

Time Stamps:

4:42 – Is clean eating the key to getting and staying lean?

8:26 – Will you gain weight if you eat certain foods?

10:47 – Is low carb dieting the best way to lose fat?

15:30 – Is low calorie dieting the best way to drop pounds quickly?

18:04 – Do you have to eat frequently to speed up your metabolism?

20:12 – How can meal planning save you from dieting?

28:07 – Which foods are good and bad for weight loss and weight gain?

33:20 – How do you create meal plans for losing weight?

39:45 – How do you create meal plans for building muscle?

43:23 – Which apps help with meal planning?


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