If you want to know how to quickly and easily know if your body composition is getting better or worse (if your hard work is paying off or not), then you want to listen to this episode.

Let’s face it.

A big reason we work out is to look good.

Yes, there are many other benefits beyond the physical, but what we see in the mirror every day matters. A lot.

That’s why a big part of staying motivated to stick to our meal plans and training programs is seeing progress.

And this is where the mirror can mislead.

You see, it takes longer than most of us realize to see marked changes in our appearance, and when the squishy parts don’t transform as quickly as we’d hoped, it’s easy to lose heart.

It can feel like all that work in the kitchen and gym is more or less for naught.

Well, if you learn to track your body composition properly, you can avoid these problems because you’ll know exactly what is or isn’t happening with your physique, and you’ll be able to then adjust your diet and exercise accordingly.

It’s pretty easy, too. There are just three steps:

  1. Weigh yourself daily and calculate weekly averages.
  2. Take weekly body measurements.
  3. Take weekly progress pictures.

That’s all you have to do to always have an accurate snapshot of your body composition and a clear idea of which direction things are going in.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

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