What if the one thing that could help you lose weight the most quickly was right under your fingertips?

Everyone is exploring different diets from Paleo to vegan, to raw, gluten-free, and everything in between. And while none of these diets are necessarily good or bad depending on your goals, many of them espouse the benefits of eating less salt.

There is very little evidence that salt contributes to high blood pressure, weight gain, or heart disease. But, the real problem is that many of the foods people tend to overeat, like junk food, are exceptionally high in sodium.

In this article, we’ll look at how to make better food choices, and reduce your sodium intake.

How to Eat Less Salt

how to eat less salt

Here are some things you should know about eating a low-salt diet and simple tricks you can use to take in less sodium.

  • Eat more at home since restaurant meals and fast food are especially high in salt (along with oil and sugar).
  • Purchase less food in boxes and check the labels on everything you buy. 
  • Use herbs, spices, and lemon juice or fresh lime juice to flavor your foods with less salt. 
  • If you have a busy schedule and rely on fast food, get yourself a pressure cooker or a slow cooker and batch cook on your day off. Within just a few hours, you can have healthy meals ready that you can eat at home immediately when you get off work.
  • When eating out at a restaurant, eat more fresh foods like salads, a simple baked or sweet potato, and steamed veggies with a side of beans and rice or a piece of wild fish. Use balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and black pepper to flavor your foods.

Putting it All Together

putting it all together

Fruit, veggies, greens, nuts, seeds, avocados, oatmeal, quinoa, coconut, beans, lentils, and wild fish or eggs are some of the best foods you can eat without eating added sodium, and they’re some of the easiest to enjoy without needing to cover them up in salt (or oil and sugar).

What’s your take on eating less salt? Have anything else you’d like to share? Let me know in the comments below!