In this interview, I talk with Jake, who used my Bigger Leaner Stronger program to transform his physique and, in many ways, his life.

When he first found Bigger Leaner Stronger, he was about 16% body fat with middling strength, and now, he’s about 9% body fat and about 275 pounds stronger on all of his major lifts. Furthermore, and more importantly, really, other areas of his life have been impacted in tremendously positive ways as well, including his mood, energy levels, self-esteem, productivity, and more.

In other words, Jake used my work to go from “fit” to “superfit” with quite a few cherries on top, and in this interview, he shares his story—he talks about how he was training and eating before finding me and my work, and how things started to change after implementing what he was learning in my books and articles.

Two major parts of Jake’s journey were dispelling common misconceptions about diet and training he had bought into over the years and overcoming various hurdles ranging from focusing too much on the scale, scheduling workouts and meals, breaking through plateaus, program hopping, and more. 

So, if you like hearing motivational stories about how people have changed their bodies and lives, and if you want to pick up a few tips that may help you in your journey, this episode is for you.

Time Stamps:

5:09 – How was your diet and training before and after you found Muscle for Life? 

7:11 – How long did you feel stuck for? 

10:36 – How much did you weigh and what were your lifts like before Muscle for Life? 

11:30 – How did you cut? 

16:10 – How do you keep dieting and training interesting when you’re getting close to a threshold? 

22:14 – How do you look after following my program? 

25:23 – What’s your Instagram, website, and podcast? 

33:58 – What are your future plans? 

40:33 – What are your favorite books?

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