If you want to learn how to build habits that bring you closer to your goals every day, and how to stick to those habits day in and day out, then you want to listen to this podcast.

In this episode, I interview James Clear, who runs the very popular blog JamesClear.com, where he writes about many facets of the science of self improvement.

I enjoy reading James’ writing because it’s simple, clear, and practical, and chock full of interesting studies, examples, and anecdotes. If you peruse his website, you’ll quickly realize that James’ hobbyhorse is habits, and that’s the topic of today’s interview (and his upcoming book, which I’m excited to check out later this year).

Here are a few things you’re going to learn in this episode:

  • Why you should focus on systems instead of goals when you want to achieve something.
  • Why making habits a part of your identity makes them easier to stick to.
  • How perfectionism can be productive or counterproductive, depending on how you use it.
  • And more…

Click the player below to listen in …


3:56 – What are systems over goals and environment over motivation?

5:59 – What is the difference between a system and a goal?

12:28 – How can changing your beliefs change your identity?

15:22 – Can changing your habits change your beliefs?

22:15 – How does our environment impact our self-control?

30:18 – Does reinforcement destroy intrinsic motivation?

37:37 – How do we progress?

44:59 – What is a mismatch environment?

52:50 – Is perfectionism productive or counterproductive?

55:36 – Where can people follow you and find your work?

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