"This program has been so much fun! I just can't believe how easy it was to follow the exercise plan."

Alexandro's Progress

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Progress Image 5 Weeks

What has happened so far on the program?

This program has been so much fun! I just can’t believe how easy it was to follow the exercise plan. When I read it, I couldn’t believe that I could be bigger, leaner and stronger just following that plan. On the other hand, this program reminds me a lot of my early days at the gym when I got my best shape. So once I read it, I said to my myself: Let’s try it. So I didn’t even believe that it would work, but since Mike was supporting this and saying that it was his program, I thought: He wouldn’t lie that much, it must be a good one. So I started following the book, the exercises and diet tips. The hardest part was dieting…at the beginning it was really bad, and I almost messed it up, but with discipline and dedication I kept on. I even had a 2 week trip and managed to follow my diet. After the second week following the program it became just like nature, it went on nicely and I had no problem following it, but I have to admit that I didn’t do the “cheat meals” instead I did the “cheat days” or even “cheat weekends”. I could be in in even better shape if I had done this “right”. Another interesting part and scary one is when he tells us to take a week off every 2 months. I just couldn’t believe that he wrote that, I thought… Man! This guy is full of it! But trust me, it works! At least for me it does. I took a week off and once I came back, I was stronger, believe me! But I have to say… I wasn’t a good guy when it comes to food during this off week. I met some old friends called peanut butter and cashews…

What do you like most about the program?

Its simplicity.

What are three other benefits of the program?

Discipline, feeling healthy, self-confidence.

Would you recommend this program? If so, why?

To everyone!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

By the end of 2011, I was in real good shape, I had leg veins showing up, abs veins, weighed around 215 pound with 9% of body fat. At this time I also was moving to a new city and thing became really bad. I got sick and was diagnosed with syndrome of panic disorder. This was devastating… it made me leave the gym, eat a lot and some other bad stuff. I ended up gaining weight quickly and I hit the top of 245 pounds, a UFC heavyweight, with 18% of body fat. I used to look at the mirror, remember the old days and think that I’d never get my shape back again. After a year, things got better, I went back to the gym hired a personal trainer and started working out. However it didn’t go well, the training plan really sucked and my performance was just acceptable. So I went on vacation for one month got to point 0 once more and was still thinking.that would never get my shape back. But…

I was coming back from vacation and at the airport I was looking for some books to read during the flight and then as I got in the library, I saw the book. That was when my things got serious. When my vacation ended, I got back to the gym without a personal trainer, followed the program and the results you can see.

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