"I've lost 23 pounds of fat and gained around 15 pounds of muscle!"

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What has happened so far on the program?

Physically speaking, I’ve lost 23 pounds of fat and gained around 15 pounds of muscle. My strength doubled in almost all exercises, I was stagnated for 1 year with the same weights, no results in mirror (actually, I was getting pretty chubby). Mentally speaking, I just feel great today! I have much more disposition to do things, I sleep much better, eat better, concentrate better… Mirror is a friend, not a foe anymore! People started to ask me what I’ve been doing to get in this shape, what I’m eating, how do I exercise, and that’s a reflex of my changes. I have no idea how to describe the feeling of that. It’s all I’ve always wanted in my life! I know I’m not even close to my objectives, but I’m getting closer and closer everyday (and motivated!) thanks to Mike’s program and I’m really grateful for that!

Mike proves that it’s not impossible to achieve the body we always dreamed of. He puts our feet on the floor, shares his knowledge and mistakes throughout his life, prepares our mind for the challenge, and then he starts the premise of his book: getting Bigger Leaner Stronger. Thanks to him, I have not abandoned my dream! I just want to thank him for everything! The best part of this is hearing from people,”OMG, you got hot!” That’s priceless 🙂

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