"This program keeps its promise. Following it quickly gave me size, strength and definition."

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I’ve always been skeptical when someone comes out with a new work out plan. There are so many different beliefs out there that its hard to find one that actually works. I would try one, get some results and then it stops working. Before I started I did some research on BLS and it was the first one I found that was based on the actual science of the body and made sense. It wasn’t some guys opinion, but can actually be proven with real results.

When I started the program it did what it said it would do. I started getting stronger, gaining size and muscle. I didn’t just make gains for a few weeks or a month like the other work out routines I’ve done, but just keep on getting results. On other programs it just didn’t get me to new levels. I don’t have that problem on this program and I personally find it easier then the other programs I’ve done.

I like that when I push myself and put in the work, I get the result I want and I get it consistently. I’m not looking for some magic solution to getting the perfect body, I’m looking for something that will continually work as long as I apply it. The men that I look up to in the fitness modeling world always seemed like an unattainable goal. I would start working out, make some gains and then quickly hit my plateau. I would get stuck and no longer have any motivation or reason to keep going, so I would stop working out. I did this for several years until I started doing BLS. I’ve constantly worked out for longer then I ever have. The reason why is I’m still making gains. I know that when I apply what is in BLS I will soon see the results and get even closer to that “impossible” body.

When you are confident that something works and you’ve seen it for yourself, you will use it to get what you want. If it stops working you will find something else. Well it has yet to stop working for me. It’s given me the certainty that I can achieve my goals and the motivation to push aside any reasons not to. I would rather have something that works then something that is easy, but gets me no where.

This book has put fitness into very simple terms that make sense. If you follow the book and push yourself I know that you can reach your goals and set new goals you didn’t think were possible. I truly recommend this book to anyone who wants to start on the path to a more healthy and aesthetic body. I’ve seen many people who know what they want and fail to get there. Well it isn’t achieved through gimmicks. You get there with some hard work aimed in the right direction. BLS will set you on the path to actually reaching your goals, the rest is up to you.

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