If you want to know how Lyell lost 37 pounds and 15% body fat using my one-on-one coaching service, you want to listen to this episode.

In this episode I interview Lyell, who’s 46 years old and used my one-on-one coaching service to completely transform his physique and add 300 pounds to his big compound lifts in just 6 months.

In this interview he shares how he found his way to me and my work, including what he had tried previously, how things changed after he started implementing the advice in my books and articles, and how my coaching service helped him take his body to a whole new level.

As with everything, nothing ever goes exactly as planned, and learning to adjust and adapt to conditions is an important part of the fitness game, which is something Lyell experienced firsthand.

He ran into a number of roadblocks along the way that most of us can relate to, including issues with workout and meal scheduling, hunger and cravings, dietary temptations, and more, and in our chat, Lyell shares what has helped him navigate these barriers skillfully and prevent them from getting in his way.

Lyell’s story is particularly interesting, because as you’ll learn in this interview, he had been trying to get fit for a long time and simply couldn’t get the needle to move. As he told me, “I’m blown away by what this has done compared to my previous experience with exercise and diet. It’s just been truly unbelievable.”

So, if you like hearing motivational stories about how people have changed their bodies and lives, and if you want to pick up a few tips that may help you along in your personal journey, then this episode is for you.


6:06 – What was your diet and fitness like before and after our coaching program?

8:06 – Why were you afraid to go to the gym?

11:07 – What was your training program like before our coaching program?

14:15 – What were some obstacles you had to overcome during our coaching program?

15:02 – How was your experience with our diet plan compared to your previous restrictive diet?

19:59 – How did you make your diet work with your busy schedule?

24:28 – What does your current training program look like?

29:44 – Have you had a diet break?

31:51 – What were some training obstacles you had to overcome during our coaching program?

36:46 – What are your current training goals?

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