In this episode I interview Michael Moss, who’s a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who works for the New York Times and is also the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling book Salt Sugar Fat.

This interview is about the processed food industry, which generates a trillion dollars in sales every year and specializes in creating inexpensive, highly processed foods that are hyper-palatable and hyper-gratifying. Thanks mainly to the advances of food science, they’ve mastered the art of making foods and beverages that can “hit the spot” in ways that natural, nutritious foods never will, which is why their products are much harder to resist and much easier to overeat.

Michael gives us a fascinating glimpse into just how much work goes into engineering and marketing these products, how the leaders of the industry view themselves in relation to the meteoric rise of obesity and disease, how we might go about breaking our dependency on highly processed foods, and more.


5:26 – What’s the history behind the food industry making addictive food?

11:57 – What’s your opinion on the morality of food industry?

12:41 – How do we ease our dependence on highly processed foods?

13:58 – What’s the science behind making food addictive?

21:27 – Do you think large food corporations will educate the public on healthy food choices?

26:50 – What is it like to be the leader of large food corporations?

35:20 – How will a healthy change happen in the food industry?

39:32 – How can people follow you and find your work?

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