Since the first affordable microwave ovens arrived in 1967, they’ve become an indispensable tool in most people’s kitchens.

They’re one of the quickest, easiest, and, compared to open flame, safest ways to cook food.

Or maybe not.

Some say that microwaves make your food “radioactive” and release toxic radiation, which raises your risk of cancer. Others say that microwaves destroy the nutrients in food, which could increase your risk of nutrient deficiencies. And still others say there isn’t enough research on microwaves, so we should all play it safe and avoid them.

On the other hand, people say that the claims against microwaves are unfounded. They’re just one more example of better living through science that people need to stop handwringing about.

So, who’s right?

Well, despite the constant Internet fearmongering, there’s no evidence that microwaves are dangerous. They have been studied repeatedly, and not only are they safe, they may actually be a healthier way to cook some foods.

There are legitimate concerns about microwaving plastic containers, but it’s still debatable how dangerous that is, too.

In this podcast, you’re going to learn the top four reasons people say that you shouldn’t microwave food, why they’re wrong, and why microwaving food can actually be a safer, healthier option than other cooking methods.

Let’s get started.

Would you rather read about whether or not microwaving is bad for you? Then check out this article!

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