In this live Q&A I answer questions about what do to when you are gaining strength but not size, how long you should stay in a calorie deficit, and more!

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When’s the sleeping product and fish oil coming out?

When are the new flavors of Whey+ coming out?

Mike, BLS focuses exclusively on the 4-6 rep range. But if you follow Brad Schoenfeld (who I learned about from you), his plan cycles between a “strength phase” (like BLS 4-6 rep), a “metabolic phase” (15-20 reps) and a “muscle phase” (6-8) reps. He insists that this rep cycling is how to MAXIMIZE hypertrophy. Your thoughts?

How often should you do abs?

In your book you recommend taking 2-3 grams of Omega-3. My question is, is it best to take all 2-3 grams at once or can I take 1/2 with lunch and 1/2 with dinner?

Is it possible that I’m making strength gains, while the size of my muscles remain the same?

Do you have an estimated date when we can expect a beta for Stacked on iOS? Also in regards to Stacked, are you making the app compatible with the Apple Watch?

Did you go to college? If so, what was your major and how has it helped? If not, please explain why and how you came to where you are.

When guys in the gym come up to you and start telling you stuff that you know is “bro-science”, how do you correct them without making them mad? Or is that possible?

How much will Forge cost and will it be available on Amazon?

What’s your favorite app to track macros? Also, do you measure your meats and grains raw or cooked?

How do you feel about the Hodgetwins? Would you reached out to them at all or consider having them on your podcast?

Have you heard of the vegan raw till 4 diet? (Fruits until 4 and then cooked potatoes, rice, etc. after 4.)If so, what are your thoughts?

On the point of eating a lot of food/carbs when trying to get bigger, this is where I’m at and I completely agree that eating so much gets old. Would you say getting or making your own mass gainer shake would come in handy? Thoughts on mass gainers when getting tired of eating so much?

What bf% test method does BLS refer to when cutting down to the recommended 10-12% to start bulking up again?

How long is it safe to be in a calorie deficit for? Is it until you get to your target body fat%?

When do you recommend doing HIIT? I lift 5 days a week at night and 4 HIIT session a week in the morning. Is this ideal?

In 2 months I went from 104 kg to 97 kg following your custom meal plan. I haven’t been able to keep following the plan because I feel tired, hungry and low sex drive, should I add more calories?

Any chance of you creating the super multivitamin that you wanted to initially create but was too expensive? Or any chance of creating a fish oil product or probiotic? I never know which to select and trust your word 100%. Thanks Mike!!!!

How do you feel about Layne Norton’s / Matt Ogus’ PHAT routines?

How did you go about starting a supplement company? The business process, not the reasoning behind starting the company.

What’s the inspiration for the poster on the window sill?

What’s the least amount of protein (g/LBM) can you take to prevent muscle loss during a deficit?

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