This episode is a recording of my latest Legion live Q&A and in it…in my awesome Halloween costume…I take questions on carb sensitivity, increasing T, fasted training, and much much more…

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01:16 – When finishing a bulk, should any “slowing down” be done before cutting, or is it best to jump right in?

03:22 – How long did it take you to start noticing viewers to your website?

06:16 – What role does Jeremy play within the company?

09:31 – I’m 22 years old and had my testosterone tested at 332 ng/dl which I think is pretty low. I’m following your BLS program and trying to cut to 10% body fat. I think it could be low dietary fat intake but around 20% of my calorie intake comes from fat. What do you think I should do?

14:53 – How long does it take to get a new “body fat set point?” Is there a way to stay under 10% and not be hungry all the time?

22:17 – When bulking, should I continue to eat a surplus of calories during the week I am deloading (not lifting)?

23:23 – When bulking, you recommend a deload week about every 8 weeks. I’ve reached the 10 week mark since my last week off and Im really in a groove right now. Would you still recommend a deload?

24:39 – The second you release your app the sales for all your supplements will go through the roof. What are you planning to do with all the money? And speaking of the Stacked App… WHEN IS IT GOING ON THE APP STORE?

28:09 – What do you think about knee sleeves? Are they good to prevent knee injury?

30:50 – Will Stacked be available in the UK store?

31:32 – When will you establish international distribution? Do you ship to freight forwarders?

34:24 – Mike how did you get your eyes so blue? Is there a special supplement stack you are taking for that?

34:48 – Can you address waist size after cutting and then reverse dieting? I had my pants tailored assuming I’d get big again, but it’s been 9 weeks since starting reverse diet and the inches haven’t come back on. Will they ever (not that I want them to)?

40:28 – What should my pre-workout nutrition be for bulking if I workout very early in the morning?

42:55 – I’m repping 355 on deadlifts, and 90 lbs on weighted pull-ups. But I only bench 205. Is that sort of imbalance something to worry about? Should I modify my training to emphasize chest, or just be patient?

47:40 – I am pretty carb sensitive- I get tired when I eat 70+ grams of carbs at a time. How should I adjust my carb intake on days I don’t lift?

50:19 – Is there a surfire way to see if your metabolism is damaged?

51:12 – I don’t notice a difference between fasted lifting and eating a bunch of carbs, is this weird?

51:51 – Pendlay rows vs bent-over rows?

52:18 – Is Christopher Walker whoever that (censored) Mike had on his podcast right when he says the hops in beer in particular raise estrogen/lower testosterone?

53:02 – What type of exercises do you recommend for a 14 year old teenage boy who is playing hockey 4-5 x a week? My son is really lean and wants to bulk up.

54:38 – Once you reached a muscle size you want how do you keep on gaining strength without increasing muscle size?

57:18 – What do you think about fitness trackers like Fitbit or Jawbone?

58:15 – Have you seen the new research on meat causes cancer? Layne Norton made a video about it saying correlation does not equal causation.

59:36 – I am under the constraints of a low budget and my current gym is limited to smith machines for my compound exercises. I know this isnt ideal but can I follow your BLS program under these constraints until a suitable gym is found?

1:01:22 – Have you ever supplemented with breast milk?

1:01:53 – What can I do about lower back pain during deadlifts?

1:04:24 – How fast can you put on muscle while eating at maintenance?

1:06:21 – What would be qualifications for individuals who’d be interested in working for you?

1:08:55 – What is the max amount of fat that can be gained in one sitting?

1:12:24 – Would you recommend incorporating Olympic lifts such as Hang Cleans into BLS?

1:14:07 – If I have to eat something like pancakes or French fries, is it important to eat extra protein before sleep or is not going over my calories more important?

1:15:02 – Will you have a training regimen for pre-competition bodybuilding?

1:17:50 – How do we get Mike to yell “It’s Morphing Time!!” and do karate?

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