A new episode of the podcast is up! This episode is a recording of my last live Q&A I did over at Legion and in it I take questions on tips for improving form, how to train lagging muscles, adjusting your bulking calories, and more…

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00:10 – Do you still recommend the circuit training in Bigger Leaner Stronger?

02:57 – The dumbbells I need to use on the incline press to work in the 6-8 rep range are too heavy to get in and out of position easily. INTO position is easy, but how do I get them OUT of position without dropping them like a chump?

04:31 – I’ve read that supplementing with creatine can lead to potential hair loss. Have you heard anything about this?

06:10 – Do creatine products like Recharge, or any creatine products, need to be cycled?

07:35 – Is training fasted early in the morning fine if I’m on a bulk?

14:38 – How much form are we willing to sacrifice with heavy lifting?

22:29 – Why high GI carbs pre-workout, won’t that spike insulin and create a crash intra-workout?

24:29 – How do you learn proper form from a book?

26:33 – Can you talk about your opinion on CNS (central nervous system) fatigue? A few “fitness experts” lately feel very strongly that a full day of rest is necessary in between high intensity, heavy lifting days.

34:10 – Any thoughts on a large amount of sushi for a re-feed meal while cutting? Is the fat in fish a problem?

35:59 – You recommend .4 grams of fat per pound of body weight when bulking. However for those who need upwards of 4000 calories, can you increase fat to help get in the calories or should I only up carbs?

38:38 – I can’t go to the gym for 3 months. Would you recommend Convict Conditioning?

41:03 – Hey Mike, any recommendations for people with a sensitivity to yohimbine? I currently use Phoenix and Pulse.

43:40 – Any date on a Stacked release and has the beta user list been chosen yet?

47:59 – I want to build a big body, but can literally build no legs (tibular torsion and extra bones in feet) should I still lift upper body and just wear sweats for life?

51:24 – I’ve been working out for a year and a half but my arms are lagging. Any tips to get my arms bigger?

56:25 – What do you think of vegan bodybuilding?

1:03:16 – Would you expand your business and have actual trainers throughout the country working for you?

1:04:20 – Is it better for a tall person to use a wide stance when squatting?

1:06:03 – What’s the best way to increase ankle mobility?

1:09:37 – When are you going to challenge Quest bars? We want Legion bars! And really want you to get my money instead of Quest.

1:11:34 – If you could “ass to grass” would you choose that over just below parallel?

1:14:18 – I like your workouts, I’ve made great gains with them. However, I don’t see how you can possibly get them done in 45 minutes. It’s taking 1.25 hours at least. Are you doubling up exercises?

1:18:17 – Do you ever get a weird palm pain when flat barbell benching?

1:19:20 – What’s your take on supping with DHEA.

1:21:35 – Is corrective exercise important? I had a trainer tell me that my body is “dysfunctional” aka doesn’t work certain muscles during certain exercises, is it bullshit?

1:22:24 – Has you heard of Alan Thrall on YouTube? For Mike’s MFL articles, he has excellent demonstrations of form and what not to do.

1:22:36 – I’m looking to increase my calories consumed to get my weight up a little quicker. Should I increase my macros in the same proportion, or should I increase just a certain macro?

1:23:06 – Will working out muscle groups more than once a week bring more muscle gains?

1:25:55 – What is the timeframe to drop from 105kg (25%) to 85kg (10%)?

1:27:34 – Is there any difference between a 50/50 carb and fat split with protein at 1g per lb of bodyweight versus keeping fat at .4g per lb of bodyweight?

1:29:04 – How many carbs should I eat on refeed days (what % of calories)?

1:30:57 – What’s more detrimental during training: Cutting hours of sleep short in order to get up early and lift OR lifting late at night, but only getting in one big meal before bed (and then fasting for 8 hours due to sleep)?

1:33:16 – How do you maintain boobs as a girl when cutting?

1:32:32 – How long should you diet?

1:35:14 – What is Mike’s ideal cheat meal?

1:37:28 – Do you drink alcohol?

1:37:55 – When do the new Legion shirts come out?

1:38:31 – Would you rather have a six pack on each of your pecs or a huge pec where your abs are?

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