If you’re an experienced weightlifter, chances are good you experience the occasional aches, pains, and tightness that sometimes get in the way of your training.

Maybe a shoulder is tight, which limits your benching, or your hips are stiff, which restricts your deadlifting, or your ankles aren’t flexible enough, which prevents you from achieving proper depth in your squatting.

What can you do to overcome and prevent such issues?

That’s what Justin Andrews of Mind Pump Media came on the show to talk about. 

Before he was a podcast star, Justin spent many years as a trainer and helped thousands of people identify and resolve various movement issues and thereby improve their training performance and results.

In this podcast, Justin goes over common exercise movement mistakes, how one injury or mobility issue can lead to another in non-obvious ways, how to screen for movement limitations, simple stretches for improving mobility, and more. 

Time Stamps:

6:32 – What do you mean by movement esthetics and why is it good? 

10:46 – What are the common mistakes that you’ve seen in the gym?

31:08 – How do the tests look and how can people assess themselves? 

35:11 – What are some of your favorite corrective exercises for shoulders? 

47:23 – What’s new and exciting for Mindpump? 

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