"I finally feel relief and comfort in my diet compared to the worry of the unknown"

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What has happened so far on the program?


My first 3-4 months on the program were focused on fat loss, so I was lifting 5 days per week with a couple sessions of HIIT on spin bike or interval sprints at the park. During that time I was in the recommended calorie deficit while being mindful of macronutrients.

At the point that I purchased BLS and followed the regimen consistently. I was far past any possible newbie gains as I had exercised frequently in higher rep ranges. HOWEVER, the results amazed me! Within the first three months, I had cut my body fat percentage from 20-25% down to around 12%.

Then by the 6th month, I stripped off over 30lbs of fat  getting down to 9-10% body fat and growing in leaps and bounds in strength and muscle size.

After I finished cutting and started bulking (using a two week reverse diet to build my calorie consumption back up slowly), I gained even more strength.

I gained 100 lbs on my deadlift and about 40 lbs in my presses (shoulder & incline chest). I also reached the point where I was able to incline bench my weight (175 for reps) which was far above what I had ever done in the past.

My gains in strength were:

Incline Press- 145 lbs up to 185 lbs for reps

Deadlift- from 245 lbs up to 365 lbs for reps

Seated Military Press- 95 lbs up to 135 lbs for reps

Learning how to measure my calorie intake and discovering macronutrients and some freedom in meal timing (especially intermittent fasting) revolutionized my diet habits.

I finally feel relief and comfort in my diet compared to the worry of the unknown, guessing my way from one fad diet to the next.

Currently, I’m working on slowly bulking to build my body mass back up. I’ve always felt my arms were a weak point in my physique, so I hope to build them up through the bulking process.


What, if anything, almost kept you from buying the book or starting the program?

I found fitness industry to be very manipulative and superficial. Also, it was all seemed propped up upon bro-science claims and advertising propaganda.

So when I randomly stumbled upon the MuscleForLife website while googling my problems that I faced in my attempt at a “Paleo” diet, I was thrilled with his sincere and academic approach to the field.

I discovered Michael Mathews’ articles which clearly communicated the objective science of diet and muscle growth (compared to the b***sh***t that I had been wading through).

I found that Michael holds no punches in his articles and is refreshingly objective and transparent in his writings about what works and what doesn’t, so I bought his books and supplements and have never looked back!


What do you like most about the program?

I love the fact that my diet and workouts are no longer an uncertain guessing game of “I’ll give this a shot and hope it works!”.

I can measure my progress and plan accordingly. I can throw myself into my workout with the knowledge that what I’m doing works and why it its effective!

I also found his approach to dieting to be life transforming. I no longer feel like I’m punishing myself in my approach to diet. I have especially found intermittent fasting and food planning to be incredibly helpful in approaching my diet.


How does this program compare with others you’ve tried?

Growing up, I was always active. My dad was a P.E. teacher, so my brothers and I grew up playing sports throughout our teen years.

My participation in sports continued in college and I also started lifting weights. My supervisors at the college gym where I worked gave me the traditional weightlifting advice of higher volume and usually mixed cardio crossfit-style training. I put no thought into what I ate initially and , while I stayed very lean, I put on little or no muscle.

Then one year I started eating larger quantities of food following workouts, and put on about 15 lbs of muscle during the course of about 6-7 months.

However, after graduating college and passing the age of 25 yrs old, I didn’t maintain this weight and fitness level.

I felt like everything I tried was guesswork. After gaining weight I first tried to “eat clean” during the week and then would allow myself “cheat weekends” (which of course undid anything I might have accomplished).

Later I tried to go “Paleo,” but of course I felt crushed by the restrictive elements of the diet (I also went sugar free during my paleo phase to great discomfort).

Despite the incredibly strict and tiresome nature of my sugarless Paleo diet, I found success to be terribly slow.

My diet following the BLS approach is incredibly easy for me to follow and very helpful in monitoring and adjusting my muscle growth/fat loss goals.


How has what you’ve achieved with your body changed other areas of your life?

My overall quality of health and energy levels have improved. As a public high school teacher who is exposed to many illness throughout the school year, I used to frequently fall ill.

Once I committed to this fitness routine and diet considerations, I found that, not only were my energy levels greatly improved, I also went over a full school year without falling ill a single time!

I found that discovering a measured and disciplined approach to diet and training has contributed to an improved work ethic.

Finally having scientific research behind how and why my body responds to diet & training has made me incredibly confident that the effort that I put into this area of my life is not wasted time!


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Like many others have before me, I can’t recommend Michael Mathews approach and products enough. The integrity and commitment to intelligent excellence of the Legion company, its creator and the team has been an incredible blessing! Keep up the great work!


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