"I have lost 31 lbs of fat and have gained 7 lbs of lean muscle."

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Progress Image 6 Months

What has happened so far on the program?

So far on the program, I’m the leanest I have ever been and my strength has increased dramatically. I was down to this weight when I was lifting weights with a personal trainer but I wasn’t as lean or muscular.

On the program I have lost 31 lbs of fat and have gained 7 lbs of lean muscle. Since the start of the program I have been on a cut meal plan that I got from Muscle for Life.

My Bench Press has increased by 40 lbs since I started, my Squat has increased by 70 lbs, and my deadlift has increased 70 lbs as well. Start photo I was 180 lbs and about 28% body fat. 6 month picture I was 154 lbs and am 11.6% (DEXA Scan).

What, if anything, almost kept you from buying the book or starting the program?

Nothing. The book was a great price! I came across his book, The No B-S Guide to Workout Supplements, while looking for information on a supplements guide. I read that and then bought Muscle Myths. After reading them I really agreed with what Mike was talking about.

I have a B.Sc., so my mind thinks scientifically, and what he talked about struck a chord with me. It was different than anything else that I have read in magazines, got from personal trainers or seen on videos. After reading those two, I bought Bigger Leaner Stronger.

After reading his books, I thought to myself I can do this. It’s not going to be easy but I’m up for the challenge. After I got into it, it became easy; it became a part of my everyday life. I workout first thing in the morning and it kick starts my day. I feel more awake afterwards than if I slept in.

I have tried Body for Life, got a personal trainer in the past and got nowhere. Body for Life doesn’t give you the guidance that Bigger Leaner Stronger gives you. The workouts were the high rep and work your way to do heavyish sets and the diet was guesswork; basically “eat clean” for 6 days and then have whatever you want on a cheat day.

The personal trainers basically had you doing crossfit workouts with high reps. I worked out with a trainer for a couple of years and didn’t really make much progress at all. It made me give up lifting weights for about 7 years until I found Mike and Muscle for Life.

Now when I go to the gym I see those people working with personal trainers doing the same exercises that I did and think, “Poor people; wasting all that time, energy and money and not getting the results they wants for their effort. If they only knew about the real science behind it and what Mike could teach them”.

What do you like most about the program?

The flexible dieting and short workouts is what I liked most about the program besides the science behind everything.

I work out of town on a 2 weeks at work and 1 week at home schedule, where I’m at work and on the road for about 14.5 hrs a day. One hitch I’m working nights and the next one I’m working days. We stay in a camp where food is prepared for you. Without the flexible dieting philosophy it would have made a very restricted diet impossible.

The short workouts are great for me as I get up early (3:30). Any longer of a program and I wouldn’t be able to get enough sleep in a day. This works out great too when I do fasted training.

I started to see results within the first week or two, which gave me motivation to keep on going. The results came a lot easier than I thought. I always figured that the people that you see that are all shredded and muscular spend hours in the gym.

Now I know that’s not the case. It’s just the proper workout and diet that does it for you. I’ve never been in as good of shape as I am right now and it only took 6 months, not a year or more as I thought it might take.

How does this program compare with others you’ve tried?

This program is more detailed and much more simplistic than others I have tried. Mike gives you all the information that you will ever need. If there is something in the book that you’d like explained in a little more detail, he probably has a video/podcast or an article on Muscle for Life or Legion Athletics about it.

If you still have a question afterwards, you can always email/tweet Mike a question and he always gets back to you. It’s not like other programs where they give you information and if you’re not sure, you’re stuck trying to figure it all out yourself. The team that he has at Legion is the best! They’re always there to help and are really positive.

The workouts are great as well. They push you but they don’t burn you out like the high rep, low weight ones that personal trainers teach. Mike’s workouts exhaust you but they don’t fill your muscles up with lactic acid where you’re muscles are “on fire”. His workouts push you to exhaustion where you can’t push anymore but you’re screaming in agony.

The workouts take you only 45 mins to an hour to complete which are great and the cardio can be over and done with in about 25 mins. I’m not a big fan of cardio as I find it really boring, 25 mins I can handle. Haha

How has what you’ve achieved with your body changed other areas of your life?

I had a couple of issues that came up since I started the program. My golf game has changed. I added 20 yards to my drive and 10 yards to my irons. Now I have to refigure out my clubs. Plus, now all my clothes don’t fit anymore so now I have to go clothing shopping. These are great problems to have and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!! Haha

It has given me extra confidence that I didn’t always have; especially when I’m with my shirt off, doing yard work, walking around the beach. I can talk easier to people who I used to be more intimidated by. I feel more comfortable wearing certain types of clothes now and not have to think if it’s exaggerating my stomach area.

I also have extra energy to keep up with my 3 year old son. Before, I would be drained by the end of the day from chasing him around. He used to have way more energy than I could handle.

I now have people who have been working out for years, asking what I’m doing, what supplements I’m taking, how long and often do I work out for. They are now using me as inspiration to change their lives. People at work who hadn’t touched a weigh in years are now working out. I tell them all about Mike, Muscle for Life and Legion Athletics. It’s a great feeling, being able to help them out and steer them in the right direction.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Your diet isn’t about perfection, it’s about consistency. You may have days were you might eat too much or not enough but get back on schedule and reach your macro numbers. You didn’t get fat eating just one meal as you won’t get lean by eating just one meal either. Stay on track and everything falls into place. Don’t let one bad day get you down, tomorrow is another day to start fresh.

I used and am still using Legion products. They’re the best on the market. They were a little pricier for me with the currency exchange rate and shipping but it’s worth it! I’d rather spend my money on quality products than junk fillers. I used all the Legion line: Pulse, Phoenix, Forge, Recharge, Triumph and Whey+. I also am taking Spirulina and Fish Oil. I take casein before bed if I haven’t hit my protein goal for the day.

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