"I definitely have more confidence, my energy levels are off the scale, very rarely do I feel tired and I sleep much better than I did."

Rich's Progress

Progress Image Before
Progress Image 3 Months

What has happened so far on the program?

I started Bigger Leaner Stronger at 194 lbs and in about 3 months I went down to 166 lbs and around 9% body fat.

I began cutting and started doing intermittent fasting, eating meals only between 13:00 – 21:00. I also trained in a fasted state.

I ate 3 meals daily, weight trained 5 days a week and did HIIT cardio 4 days a week (total cardio was 2.5 hrs per week).

Even though I was in a calorie deficit, I gained strength and added weight to all my lifts, which I hadn’t ever done in the past.

My current before and after stats are:

Bench 114 – 149 lbs

Squat 152 – 191 lbs

Deadlift 152 – 222 lbs

Military Press – 83 – 110 lbs


What, if anything, almost kept you from buying the book or starting the program?

I’ve tried every program out there, but could never build any significant muscle and get lean at the same time.

I always carried that layer of fat that I just couldn’t shift. I found BLS and, after reading the book, I realised why the other programs didn’t work and the mistakes I’d been making all along.

The eating plan I was on was a mile away from what I needed for the results I was after and BLS put me on the right track.


What do you like most about the program?

I’ve found the 5 day program very easy to follow. My past training history was very confusing compared to the BLS program, making constant changes trying to get results with such things as muscle confusion, etc.

The results with BLS are much faster and better than anything I’ve tried, it’s really shocked me!


How does this program compare with others you’ve tried?

The program is very easy to follow compared to others I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many) and the workouts are no longer than an hour which makes it easier to stick to and you can still fit it in around your day.

My diet prior to BLS was a mile off and I think that my new diet using the information in BLS has played a big part in the fast results.

I had never heard of energy balance and how easy it actually is till BLS.


How has what you’ve achieved with your body changed other areas of your life?

I definitely have more confidence, my energy levels are off the scale, very rarely do I feel tired and I sleep much better than I did.

I would recommended BLS to anyone. I have already recommended the program to friends, family and even the postman who have all bought a copy of BLS and are already seeing results. The reason I recommend it is because it works!


Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Don’t be afraid to have a go and follow something that actually works, BLS does! Stop wasting your time on “magic” programs that are just after your money.

Also, it’s never too late to start. I’m 42 and still managed better results than I did when I was in my 20’s! If you want it bad enough you will achieve it with BLS.

It still involves hard work and dedication but BLS keeps you on the right track! If you don’t achieve it, you didn’t want it bad enough!


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