I’ve made plenty of mistakes in building Legion, and some have been dumber than others.

Dumb was spending six figures on Instagram influencers for no appreciable return, dumber was creating our first several formulations without a full and proper costing analysis, and dumbest goes all the back to the birth of the brand.

Specifically, while the name is decent and the logo passable, the look and feel of the products themselves is a howler.

Why, you wonder?

Well, let’s start here: what’s the first thing most women think when they see a Legion product?

“That’s not for me.”


That’s exactly the response I want from the gender that collectively spends over $20 trillion per year and accounts for 85% of all consumer purchases! I’M A GENIUS! WHO WANTS TO JOIN MY MASTERMIND FOR A SMALL-TO-LIFE-RUINING FEE!?

Or not.

But hey, who could’ve predicted that women would be turned off by hypermasculine packaging that screams “deranged bodybuilder?” What am I, some kind of wizard?

Regardless, it’s time to fix this obnoxiously silly, costly, and obvious oversight, and that’s why I’ve hired a slick marketing and branding firm to overhaul the entirety of Legion’s branding, including the logo and packaging.

By the time we’re done, Legion’s going to look a whole lot more premium and gender neutral, and work is already underway so I should have some concepts to share in our Facebook group next month or so.

If you want to keep tabs or share your thoughts and opinions, come on over and keep them grapes peeled!

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The new third edition of Thinner Leaner Stronger is ALIVE.

Yes, it took way too long to get here.

And yes, I wanted to crucify a couple freelancers along the way.

But I’m a DEPLORABLE WHITE MALE of my word and deliver what I promise, and that’s why I’m excited to announce that the new third edition of the “purple book for women” is live on all online retailers.


I’ll be officially announcing its release once Bigger Leaner Stronger is also fully available in all formats on all retailers (next week or so), but hey, it’s news so it goes into the monthly update.

If you want to see for yourself why I’m unironically saying these new books are my magnum opuses (opi?), here’s where you can find Thinner Leaner Stronger 3.0:

Click here for Amazon

Click here for iBooks

Click here for Google Play

Click here for B&N

And don’t worry, I’ll send a raven when Bigger Leaner Stronger goes live, followed by updated workout journals for men and women.

Want to write for Legion?

One of the main reasons Legion has done as well as it has is I’ve personally written and published over 1,000 articles, videos, and podcasts with science-based know-how on almost every facet of fitness.

And as a result of all of that work white privilege, I’m #blessed365 with over 2 million website visits and hundreds of thousands of podcast and video plays per month, and enough of those eyeballs and ears turn into customers to keep my kids clothed and fed.

One of the major growth initiatives I want to accomplish next, however, is greatly increasing the output over at Legion’s hugely popular blog.

Specifically, by the end of the year, I want to be publishing one article per day, and there are only two ways of accomplishing that:

  1. Doing a lot of meth.
  2. Hiring people to help.

Real-talk, #1 sounds pretty metal, but methinks I should save my nervous system and teeth for better things like exposing myself at JC Penney’s every Tuesday and snacking on boogers (it’s not quite the same without your chompers).

So door #2 it is, and that’s why I’m looking for a writer to help me publish more great stuff.

Specifically, I’m looking for someone who has a . . .

  1. Minimum of three years of writing experience, preferably on health and fitness topics.
  2. Recent writing samples that showcase their abilities.
  3. High-level understanding of evidence-based fitness and strong desire to keep learning more.
  4. Meticulous attention to detail and strong desire to become a better writer and communicator.

If I’ve just described you, fill out this questionnaire and let’s talk, my lovely.

What else, what else.

We launched blue raspberry stim-free Pulse and salted caramel Whey+, so feel free to buy those RTFN because you know you need them and I know I need your money.

And well, while I do have some other rather intriguing bits boiling in my cauldron of trouble . . .

*cough* Muscle for Life is going to merge with Legion and I’m going to launch another supplement line next year *cough*

. . . mum’s the word for now.

Until next month, shake shake shake, Senora, shake it all the time.

P.S. While visually stunning, the Battle of Winterfell sucked hot rhino farts, don’t disagree with me. Click here to learn why.

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