Well well well, it’s 2019 and instead of complaining about the Current American Situation, let’s take a moment to marvel at some of the wondrous things that 2018 gave us . . .

And here are just a few things that’ll make people happy this year:

  • Starting January 1, hundreds of thousands of works of art, film, literature and music from 1923 will enter the public domain.
  • There’s going to be a massive video game tournament with a $100 million prize pool (WTF!?).
  • The final season of “Game of Thrones” premieres in April!

Oh and you know what else is coming this year?

More books, articles, podcasts, products, and services from yours truly and my team, starting with . . .

Look at me! I’m an INFLUENCER!

Listen up!

If you want to learn BREAKTHROUGH diet strategies for melting belly fat faster than a roided hornet . . .

. . . as well as ANCIENT Greek training techniques for packing on brain-shrinking amounts of muscle in 30 days flat . . .

. . . and the SECRET underground supplements the world’s shittiest trainers use to get Hollywood A-listers not-really-jacked and definitely-not-shredded . . .

. . . then you want to FOLLOW ME ON (delete your) INSTAGRAMFACEBOOK, AND TWITTER!

I swear on my swollen, lactating nipples (#lifetimedrugfree) that I’ll be excreting only the spiciest caca-content onto the social media platters, including . . .

  • Totally not photoshopped pictures of my totally not angle-enhanced physique
  • Egregious displays of my not-wealth
  • Hackneyed sayings about life that make my six-year-old laugh and point at me
  • Pointless pictures of the peasant food I eat to #fuelthemachine

And yes, dear follower, there will be shameless plugs of utterly meaningless gewgaws for you to waste all your hard(ly) earned dollars on, too.

So what are you waiting for? Everyone’s doing it!

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. . .

Okay so if you’ve made it this far, I like you.

You have your priorities straight. You know reading my inane ramblings is the most valuable thing you can be doing right now.

This is why we’re friends. Or so I like to think, which is why I may be standing in your shrubs right now watching you read this.


Although I generally despise social media, and even more so the fitness scene on social media, I’m jumping headfirst into the fray.

I mean, if you can’t beat the degenerate narcissists, you might as well join them, amirite!?

Or not.

Instead, what I’m going to do is use my social media accounts to reach more people with my simple, science-based, and practical advices for losing fat, building muscle, and getting strong, healthy, and happy.

That’s going to include . . .

  • Video clips of my daily workouts so you can see how I’m currently training, how I perform different exercises, and how crazy hy00ge my biceps are
  • Pretty infographics with tips to help you get fitter faster
  • My takeaways from books I’m reading on fitness, business, marketing, history, and more
  • Previews of my new articles and podcasts with links for easy access
  • And of course a shirtless selfie or three to prove I indeed have abs

So PRETTY PLEASE help me feel better about my decision to trade my self-respect for some likes from Russian bots and come follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Oh and I also respond to every message I get on these networks, so they’re a good way to get in touch with me if you ever have any questions, concerns, or feedback.

A new Pulse flavor is arriving soon.

Yes, my lovelies, a new delightful flavor of (caffeinated) Pulse is coming your way:

Tropical punch!

This one is yet another highly requested option, and if the combination of mango, pineapple, passion fruit, and pomegranate wets your piehole, it’s going to be right up your alley.

For me, tropical punch is in my top five for sure, along with green apple (I like tart stuff), blue raspberry, and fruit punch.

Look for it later this month!

New editions of BLS and TLS are launching next month.

As you probably know, I’ve been working on new and improved third editions of my books Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger as well as their respective workout journals (The Year One Challenge for Men and The Year One Challenge for Women).

You probably also know that the manuscripts and audiobooks have been 100% done for some time now, and that the digital versions of the books were supposed to be live already.

What you don’t know is it turned out two of the book designers I hired were about as skilled and reliable as toddlers on bath salts.

And so things have taken longer than they should’ve.


All is back on track now, final files for BLS and TLS 3.0 have been delivered to the printer, publish-ready eBooks are being produced as we speak, and all of the bonus goodies for the books are nearing completion.

What this means is I should be able to upload the digitals (eBooks and audiobooks) sometime before the end of the month, and the hardcopies of all four books should be officially available in February or March (depending on how long it takes for the current stock to sell out).

And I’m really excited to release these new editions and get your feedback because they’re not just slight improvements on the current material—they’re complete rewrites.

  1. The new books are better organized and have been completely rewritten from scratch, and I’m a much better writer now than I was a few years ago. Thus, the new books are even easier to follow, understand, and apply.
  2. The exercise programs have been tweaked and improved based on a TON of feedback from readers, coaches, and coaching clients.
  3. Some material that was interesting but not vital was removed and replaced with stuff that more directly addresses actual questions and concerns that people write me about.

In short, if the 2.0s are caffeine, the 3.0s are cocaine. Or something.

Seriously though, I’m really proud of how these books came together and hope you like them, too. More info (and previews) coming soon!


P.S. If you haven’t been paying attention to my work, pound salt here are some of the most popular articles and podcasts I’ve published recently:

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