If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, you’ve heard me talk about many things related to training.

I’ve covered how to squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press, break through plateaus, utilize different rep ranges, deload, and on and on.

Something I haven’t talked about before, though, is kettlebell training.

This isn’t because I think it’s without merit, though—it’s simply an unintentional oversight—and that’s why I invited Pat Flynn back on the show to break down kettlebell training for beginners. 

Why Pat?

Well, he was once the youngest person to ever pass the Russian Kettlebell Certification, and he’s coached many people over the years on how to properly use kettlebells to lose fat, build muscle, and get stronger.

In this episode, he delivers a fantastic kettlebells 101, including his favorite exercises for gaining muscle and improving conditioning, how to do the exercises properly, how to program kettlebell training, and more.

Click the player below to listen.

Time Stamps:

4:51 – What are kettlebells good for? 

7:57 – What do kettlebells have to offer?

15:35 – How do you use kettlebells effectively? 

19:25 – How do you program in kettlebells? 

29:19 – What’s the difference between a single and double arm swing? 

30:18 – What other variations are there for the swing? 

47:57 – What type of technical advice do you have for kettlebell exercises? 

53:36 – Where can people find you and your work? 

Mentioned on the Show:

Books by Mike Matthews

Introduction to Kettlebells

101 Kettlebell Workouts

Pat’s Website

Pat’s Podcast

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