This was supposed to be a podcast about kettlebells.

Instead, it turned into a digression into politics, psychology, religion, and more, which let’s be honest, is more interesting than kettlebells.

Pat is an interesting dude to talk to about this stuff, too, because while he’s certainly a fitness expert, he also has a master’s degree in systematic philosophy and has written several bestselling books, including How to Be Better At (Almost) Everything.

In this interview, Pat and I go all over the place, pontificating on questions like . . . 

  • How much do memes influence political elections? 
  • What are the rational (and irrational) arguments for believing in God? 
  • How seriously should we take “conspiracy theories”?
  • How do you make decisions when there are no good decisions? 
  • What are the chances our lives are predetermined by fate? 

Not exactly the norm here on my podcast, but it was a fun excursion into some of the bigger questions about how the world around us works, and if you wonder about such things yourself, I think you’ll enjoy the interview as well.

And if it’s not your kind of thing, don’t worry, Pat will be coming back on to talk kettlebells.

Click the player below to listen:

Time Stamps:

10:53 – Meme culture 

15:16 – Humor as a marketing technique 

17:26 – Jordan Peterson’s world view 

29:43 – Persuasion technique 

36:09 – The peg system memory technique 

37:51 – 9/11, politics, and conspiracy theories 

48:39 – The trolley problem and ethical experiments 

52:50 – Nihilism versus relativism 

1:03:02 – Transcendent dimensions 

1:06:26 – Our world views and how they impact us 

1:17:52  – Near-death experiences 

1:20:43 – Christianity, catholicism, and agnosticism 

1:42:16 – Faith and free will 

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