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Don't lose your Constitutional rights. Learn them.

Do you really want the crooked baby-kissers and fake news to tell you what your rights are?

Wouldn’t you rather discover them for yourself?

The Founders fought tirelessly to guarantee these God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

But let’s face it—the Bill of Rights is hard to understand.

Its text is flowery and puzzling.

It’s full of legal and political jargon.

And without the right historical background, it’s impossible to grasp the full meaning, importance, and scope of each of the amendments (and especially the second amendment).

This book is the shortcut.

With it, you’ll quickly reach a deep understanding of the Bill of Rights thanks to precise definitions of key words, crucial historical contexts, and enlightening insights from the Founders and their peers.

So, if you're . . .

  • Struggling to comprehend the United States Bill of Rights . . .
  • Wondering how it should apply to modern society . . .
  • And maybe even doubting whether it should still be held as inviolable today, 230 years after its writing . . .

. . . and if you want to discover what the two-faced corruptocrats and their media lackeys absolutely hate the most about our country and Constitution . . .

. . . you want to read this book today.

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