If you want to gain more muscle without necessarily having to eat more food or spend more time in the gym, then rest-pause training could be for you.

You’ve been training hard and eating right, and you’ve been making gains.

Your stomach is tighter. You’re stronger than ever before. Your friends are starting to make meathead jokes.

But progress has slowed.

It’s getting harder and harder to add weight to the bar and your body isn’t changing like it once was.

What to do?

Well, if you turn to the magazines, you’ll probably conclude that you just have to eat more. “Eat big to get big” right?

Sorta kinda maybe…

Yes, a caloric surplus is conducive to muscle gain, but no, adding a gallon of milk per day to your meal plan isn’t advisable. You’ll gain weight, alright, but too much will be fat.

You need a smarter approach, and rest-pause training can help.

As you’ll see, this simple weightlifting tool can be adapted to any type of workout program, and, unlike most fancy-sounding training tips, it has science on its side. It actually works.

So, in this podcast, you’re going to learn what rest-pause training is, why it works, and how to do it right so you can get the needle moving again.


Let’s start at the top.


5:11 – What is rest-pause training?

7:10 – How do muscles grow bigger and stronger?

10:56 – How does rest-pause training help build muscle faster?

15:34 – What are the benefits of rest-pause training?

17:10 – What are the disadvantages of rest-pause training?

18:40 – How do you do rest-pause training?

20:26 – What is the dogg crapp style of rest-pause training?

21:34 – What is the Myo-reps style of rest-pause training?

24:58 – How do I get started with rest-pause training?

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