If you want to hear me and Rob Dionne from Open Sky Fitness talk about my “origin story,” my thoughts on rep ranges and muscle gain, key lessons I’ve learned growing businesses while raising a family, and more, then you want to listen to this podcast.

Rob Dionne over at Open Sky Fitness was kind enough to have me on his podcast to talk about various things that I thought you might find interesting, so I wanted to share the interview on my podcast as well.

Rob and I go all over the place in the interview, from the best rep ranges for building muscle and training frequency, to key lessons I’ve learned growing multiple businesses while also raising a family, to the ins and outs of the supplement and publishing industries, to the most important rule I’ve learned about success along the way, and more.

I hope you enjoy it.


5:11 – What’s your origin story?

9:13 – What was your college background?

18:21 – How many books have you written?  

19:15 – What was the impetus behind your supplement company?

24:43 – What is a good profit margin for retail?

28:44 – Do you feel pressure from being the face of your company?

29:11 – Do you offer affiliate programs?

40:47 – Do you feel like you have a hard time connecting to people?

40:08 – Are light weights, higher reps better than heavy weights, low reps?

48:06 – How often should beginners workout per week?

58:24 – Where can people find you and your work?

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