Some people say you absolutely need to eat protein before your workouts to maximize muscle and strength gains.

Others say eating before you train doesn’t matter, but eating after is vital.

Others still say neither of these “feeding windows” matter, and that you just need to make sure you’re eating enough protein on the whole.

Science isn’t exactly clear on this matter, either, because each of these people have studies that purportedly bolster their arguments.

And so you’re left wondering who’s right and what to do.

Should you “play it safe” and just eat protein before and after every workout? Or should you just ignore everyone and just eat on a schedule that you like most?

Well, in this podcast, we’re going to get to the bottom of all of it, and it starts with this:

As far as eating protein goes, eating enough every day is what matters most for gaining muscle and strength as quickly as possible.

Everything else related to protein intake–when you eat it, how many servings you eat per day, how large each serving is, etc.–is subordinate to total protein intake.

That doesn’t mean these other factors don’t matter at all, though.

If you scoff at them, you’re overlooking an important part of natural muscle building:

While 80% of your progress comes from the fundamentals, you can speed things up by making a number of minor improvements to your diet, training, and supplementation.

Individually, the effects of each refinement may be slight, but collectively, they become significant over time.

Well, protein timing is one of those slight refinements, and it includes pre- and post-workout nutrition.

As you’ll soon see, eating protein before and after workouts isn’t as important as many people claim, but it’s not entirely without merit, either.

Let’s get started.

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