If you’ve been slinging iron for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen quite a few “ONE MORE REP” lifters.

They’re usually a 20-something year-old dudes in stringers and Waffen-SS haircuts with oompa loompa tans and maybe, just maybe, a bit of lip gloss too (yep, I’ve seen it).

These boys just love training to failure, often ending set after set with the weights on the floor or their bodies.

We might think they look ridiculous, but maybe the joke’s on us? 

Maybe training to muscle failure—the point where you can no longer move the weight—is the key to gains?

Well, like rep ranges and training frequency, the topic of training to failure is a contentious one. 

Many bodybuilders, experts, and “gurus” claim it’s at least beneficial, and some say it’s essential for maximizing muscle and strength gain.

On the other hand, others say we should never train to failure because it doesn’t increase anything but our risk of injury and overtraining.

Who’s right?

Well, in this podcast, you’re going to learn what the scientific literature has to say on the matter, including the effectiveness, safety, and usefulness of training to failure.

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