If you want to learn how Wendy cut 5% body fat and gained a significant amount of muscle and strength in just 90 days, and how you can do the same, then you want to listen to this episode.

In this episode, I interview Wendy, who’s a recent graduate of my 90-day transformation coaching service, which helped her cut fat, gain muscle and strength, and significantly transform the shape of her body in just a few months.

Before finding her way to me and my work, she had been working out for years and had tried many different things, and most recently had spent 9 months working with an in-person trainer only to see no real change in her body. At that point, she was frustrated and disappointed and feared that she simply couldn’t get the type of body that she really wanted–that her genetics wouldn’t allow it.

Then, she found my book for women, Thinner Leaner Stronger, gave it a read, liked what it had to say, learned about my coaching service, and signed up, figuring that she might as well go all-in if she’s going to try at all.

She had her doubts going in, of course, and was actually pretty sure it wouldn’t work, just as everything else she had done hadn’t worked, but she decided to hang in there and see how it panned out.

Well, as you’ll hear in the interview, my team put together a custom diet and exercise program specifically for her and his goals, and within the first 4 weeks, she knew that she had a made a great choice. She was starting to see real changes in her body and realized that all she had to do to reach her ultimate goal was keep showing up and putting in the work.

In this interview, Wendy walks us through the whole story and shares the big lessons she learned along the way, including how she overcame her initial reluctance to go to the “scary” side of the gym–the free weights section, so if you’re in the middle of your own transformation, then I think you’re going to find it encouraging and motivating.


4:48 – What was your health and fitness background before you started our coaching service?

8:36 – How has our coaching helped you?

9:49 – At what point in the program did you start seeing results?

10:46 – What did your customized diet and exercise plan consist of?

13:33 – What kind of meal plan did we put together for you?

14:12 – What were your sources of protein?

15:20 – What were your cheat meals?

19:58 – At what point did you stop being self conscious in the gym?

26:48 – What’s your fitness plan for the future?

28:05 – Why did you choose to bulk?

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